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Together with MethodKit we have co-developed to different toolboxes that we use in creative workshops, process driven work and to help Marketing & PR managers and executives to shape their engagement in healthy, sustainable and active lifestyles.

MethodKit for Health

MethodKit for Health

Healthy populations are the backbone of a sustainable society. We have created a tool that can help you organize, plan and shape the future landscape of patient care, health and wellbeing. This kit is aimed at both professionals and enthusiasts who want to understand more and create new systems for the future of (public) health.

The Kit consists of 59 cards. Each with an essential thing to keep in mind in your work with health. The kit gives an overview over Public Health work and provides a tool for mapping and discussing how health work within organizations, cities or companies but also works well on a Population level.

MethodKit is a tool for collaborating and bringing in different actors to discuss the current situation. The process has been thorough, taken over 1 ½ year and included numerous interviews and workshops with physicians, psychologists, scientists, yoga teachers and public health specialists.

MethodKit for Health can be ordered here.

MethodKit for Marketing PR

MethodKit for Marketing & PR

We believe the ability to quickly and effectively visualise and communicate ideas is crucial in the creation of successful marketing & PR activities. While some communication tools may have the tendency to impose certain solutions, our idea is to simply create the conditions to allow your own creative process to appear and develop. What you create is up to you. Good luck!

The kit provide a tool for companies and organizations to discuss their Marketing & PR work but it also works well as an interface between an agency and its clients to discuss efforts to reach out. The Kit consists of 60 cards. Each with an essential thing to keep in mind in your work with Marketing & PR. The kit will help you to plan and create a grand marketing plan or to provide a structure planning your organization’s outreach. The Kit have been taking shape over 2 years. Interviews with marketing professionals and startup founders along with summarizing the most interesting books and articles into a useful tool.

MethodKit for Marketing & PR can be ordered here.

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