Report: This Vegetarian Burger Bleeds Like Beef, Using Plant Ingredients

28 Jun 2016

We love Impossible Foods, that uses innovative ingredients to replicate the sensations of eating a real hamburger.


Imitation meats are becoming a ripe field again for innovation, and authenticity is once again on the table with freshly employed ingredients. Impossible Foods, one of the newest contenders, has raised $183 million in funding to date.

The Impossible Burger will distinguish itself through naturally based imitation. It even bleeds like a real burger thanks to a molecule called heme, which is found in blood but also certain nitrogen-fixing plants. The company plans to launch the burger in a restaurant this summer in New York.

This article was first published in PSFK.

Learning: In the next couple of years we will see many alternatives to livestock food emerge on the market. In what way can you distrupt the food market by merging tech with food with distribution models and new consumer behaviours?