Grow Your Business Through Innovation

26 Aug 2016

Raw Agency is a boutique innovation consulting firm focused on the practice of Strategic Innovation. We blend non-traditional and conventional consulting approaches to deliver business breakthroughs – through strategy development, opportunity identification, new product, service and business model innovation, and leadership development and culture change for disruptive innovation & organizational transformation.


Drive Growth

Need your next growth opportunity? Want to identify new products, services, business models and customer experiences to to drive new revenue streams? Our Strategic Innovation process identifies growth opportunities, assesses strategic options, defines your optimal future, and roadmaps the path forward.

Transform Culture

Do you want a culture of innovation? Do you need to bust silos, foster collaboration, and drive value creation across the organization? Our innovation Culture assessments and strategies uncover the deeper barriers and untapped opportunities for driving greater innovation and business growth.

Develop Leadership

Do you want to build strategic thinking, innovation, and growth strategy capabilities into your high-potential managers and executive leadership? Our leadership development programs build skills and capabilities for effectively leading disruptive innovation and change.

To find out more how can help your business scale – contact our Managing Director, Roland-Philippe Kretzschmar, for a first free consultation