Everything is Tech

25 aug 2016

For two decades now there’s been a lot of hype around the tech sector. But now we finally seem to reach a tipping point, where everything in society is integrated with new technology, digital solutions, products and services.

Digital is no longer a niche industry, but a fundamental proponent of society’s economic growth. Driverless cars and robots in the workplace may not be as far away as we think. Whilst nobody can deny these science fiction developments will be hugely exciting, the more important point is how embedded technology has already become into the fabric of society.


These innovations are already happening now, with tech entrepreneurs deploying world-class digital skills to reimagine the way we live. Whichever way you look at it, technology is rapidly transforming our everyday lives.

No industry is immune to disruption. With sharing economy services and the explosion of e-commerce platforms, we have already seen how technology is being used to reshape the travel, transport and retail sectors, to name a few. In the not too distant future we may see technologies such as drones, 3D printing and virtual reality transform a whole range of disciplines (don’t miss our Trend Report about Frontier Tech coming up September 22nd).

Technology is now so intertwined within most businesses that we’ve moved beyond simply having a great tech sector and now have a wider tech ecosystem within which all organisations can thrive.

Four key trends we see right now: 

  • Intelligent Automation – AI is coming and faster than we think.
  • Liquid Workforce – The freelance setup is key for tomorrows automated world.
  • Digital Trust – The more devices we connect, the more we need to be secured from threat.
  • The Platform Economy – The product ecosystem is fundamental for growth.